Friday, April 29, 2011

Did it really run out? In those strangers bedrooms

The search continues. 

Concerned mothers of the west,

Teach your sons, how to truly love.

At least we know that if we die - we lived with passion

Be still when you have nothing to say;
when genuine passion moves you,
say what you've got to say,
and say it hot.

-D. H. Lawrence

What is YOUR passion?
What moves you?
Tell us your story through a picture, video, phrase, anecdote, poem - anything at all!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wheels On Fire

Devirginized Dita             April 6th, 2011

I remember riding my bike down the boardwalk
with nowhere to go and looking at the girls.
It was really innocent.
- Mark Ruffalo

It's bad enough that I have a crush on a bike.. what more having learned that it's female? I am a lesbian bike lover. Lol. Joaquin and his friends should start a show called Queer Eye For The Straight Bike. They gave Joaquin's grandfather's bike a makeover and named it Dita because the flat black reminded Quin of Dita Von Teese.

Joaquin rode Dita (how kinky) to SJ's house at 3pm and the boys first stripped her down and then rebuilt and repainted her. Aaron was in charge of the power sander, SJ with the cabling, and Joaquin with the bodywork and painting. They all assembled it back together and SJ's dad helped with Dita's chain..  Too kinky for my life. Quin rode Dita home by 11pm. She went from nottie to hottie in 8 hours! Good job, guys!

P.S. I have 2 bikes and 2 scooters just lying around the house. You might wanna pimp my rides. :D One baby blue bike, please. :( And I wish you didn't move to Alabang, Quin! I need my awesome neighbors. 

Here are pictures of Dita's transformation taken by Joaquin!
Devirginizing Dita

Dita about to lose her virginity just before 3pm of April 6th, 2011
Stripped down. Say goodbye to cheap graphics.
Grinding down the front fender
Rear fender
Ratchets and spanners

Horizontal dropouts
Drying up after washing
Yokai says hello!
the "spray booth"
Rear fender waiting for paint
Front fender
Sanded and all ready
Ghetto masking by scotch tape!
Flat black
Dita is no longer a virgin!
Helloooo you wild thing :) Do you feel free now?
I wanna ride you.
Copper cable ties

Check out Joaquin's work @

Thursday, April 7, 2011

As light fills my eyes

 Beauty shoot @ Make-up Design Academy

3 Sets
Mod/ 60s/ Twiggy

Make-up artist: Tiffany Dequina

(Thanks for the pictures, Gia!)

My corner!

 Hello, Gia! :)

1st look
 We're getting married!!! :D

2nd look
I whip my hair back and forth?
Willow Smith, is that you?
 Gia and her make-up artist, Jo Roncal.

3rd look



In between sets
The other make-up artist, Raf.

My make-up artist, Tiffany! :)

And that's not even all of the food yet.. Lol. Midnight snack with Gabbie! We're pigs. :(

I can't wait to see the studio shots!