Friday, June 3, 2011

Family Trees

Spent a day with my younger (but bigger) cousins Bea and Paolo.
Picked out some outfits, styled their hair, put make-up on Bea and concealer on Paolo, lol.

Here are some pictures from our shoot!



Thanks for posing for me, guys!
You did great!

Paolo, you owe me chocolates! :)


  1. your family and you is just good looking! haha

  2. is this an ad for zara or some clothing line cause it looks line one. great work pauline!

  3. so good looking!! i wish i was an ereneta! you guys are all good looking! good job pauline, this is so good! bea looks so cute, i love her lips! and paolo looks like a hot vampire! you shouldve taken pics of yourself too!!!:) -gab

  4. Nice Pauls, I like the black & white photos and the 2nd photo of Bea :)

  5. I saved every single picture in this page. Dammit. Can't believe I'm related to these gorgeous bonbons!

  6. Thanks, guys! :3

    Gabbie: You're on your way to becoming an Ereneta! Fast forward to our wedding day! Lol and again, I didn't take any of myself cause I felt soooo ugly! As usual :))

    Pitri: Thanks, Pitri! I wanna shoot you soon. :)

    Lizzie: Soon enough it'll be your face you're saving! Hahaha. Can't wait to shoot you! :)

  7. Pauline!!! Wow you have such a good looking family dear!!!!! <3 and nice styling misssy!! :)